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Breathe-X Breathable Membranes form the water impermeable layer under the roof coverings in a pitched roof system. They can be used on open rafter (unsupported) or fully supported pitched roofs. The function of the underlay is to isolate the building from water ingress that may penetrate the roof coverings such as wind driven rain. Minimises the effects of wind load generated under wind gusts acting on slates and tiles when installed in accordance with this Certificate. In addition, the low vapour resistance of the underlays can, when correctly incorporated into a designed roofing system, assist with the satisfactory management of water vapour within the roof system. The Breathe-X Breathable Membrane’s high resistance to mechanical damages enables safe work at a height regardless of weather conditions. -Tear resistant & flexible, Minimises wind load on tilesPrevents the ingress of windblown rain, dust and snow. Offers superior resistance to tearing during installation Remains flexible at low ambient temperatures. Facilitates the control of surface and interstitial condensation in the roof by allowing the safe dispersal of water vapour Reduces heat loss caused by air movement through the attic space once installed with no ventilation

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