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Tec7 Pur is a Fire-Retardant Class B2 low expansion handheld Expanding Foam that uniquely stops expanding when it meets resistance. Tec7 Pur is ideal for filling, sealing, insulation and prevention of thermal bridges and is soundproof. Tec7 Pur Pro adheres to most building materials and can be sanded, painted, and plastered after 60 mins



Pre-treatment of the surface:The surface needs to be clean, solid, dust-proof and degreased. Moisten mineral surfaces (e.g. brickwork, concrete, lime- sand stone) slightly to stimulate the adherence and the curing time.


Cover the surrounding surfaces with covering film or adhesive tape before starting the work.


Processing:The temperature of the product has to be at least 5°C


The temperature of the surface has to be between -10°C and +30°C.


Shake the product about 20 times before use, screw the valve lever, hold the aerosol upside down and put the valve lever into operation.


An equal dispersion of the product is possible in all positions = 360° multi-position.


Dose Tec7 Pur in an economical way, it nearly doubles its volume, but after a succesful curing it retains its shape.


During breaks the fresh foam needs to be removed from the valve and the pipe with Tec7 Pur Cleaner.


Installation of window frames:Install the window frame, fasten it with a wedge and fasten it sufficiently in the construction (drill through the window).


Moisten mineral surfaces.


Dose Tec7 Pur in an economical way, it nearly doubles its volume. Cut off possible foam residues, then clad, paint or plaster it.


Important:If large quantities are used (large surfaces), the foam has to be applied in several layers (layers of +/- 2 cm) and moisten these layers regularly.




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