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Tec 7 Spray & Seal 500ml

Tec 7 Spray & Seal 500ml

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Tec7 Spray & Seal is a rubber based, instantly waterporof repair spray that is suitable for for hundreds of emergency applications from sealing leaking gutters, repairing a patch in your roof to protecting surfaces from stone chips or rust. Tec7 Spray & Seal also reduces vibration and noise and can be sanded and painted once fully cured.

  • Clean , shake, Spray and your done
  • instantly waterproof and can be used on hundreds of applications
  • Forms a tenacious, elastic, water & windproof coating with Instant protection against water & rust
  • Ideal for use in industrial, domestic (both indoor & outdoor) and automotive use
  • Reduces noise while protecting against vibrations & stone chips etc.


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