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Protec Advance Caulk/Adhesive Gun

Protec Advance Caulk/Adhesive Gun

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The revolving barrel design of this caulking gun refines the classic skeleton design to the next level, for trade quality, ultra-smooth application of cartridge-based sealants, caulk and fillers. With VOC (solvent) regulations continuing to tighten, today's sealants are often more viscous than previously, increasing the demands on both the gun to push them through the cartridge and the effort required by the user. The reinforced barrel not only gives heavy duty performance, it can be rotated during application to give a continuous smooth bead around corners and in awkward areas or for maximum comfort to suit the user.

Featuring ergonomic finger moulding for comfort, the powerful trigger drives the plunger to efficiently and evenly push the sealant through the cartridge for maximum efficiency and smooth application, giving reduced user fatigue. A release clip stops the flow when required and gives a clean break in the sealant bead, ensuring no long, messy strings. The reverse end of the steel plunger features a U-shape that's ideal for hooking onto a belt or ladder when working at any kind of height. Powder coated for durability and resistance to rust, the gun is suitable for standard 310ml DIY and 400ml trade cartridges as well as intermediate sizes.

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