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High Temperature Spray Paint Black

High Temperature Spray Paint Black

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  • Heat resistant up to 300°C - 700°C*
  • For metal surfaces including iron, aluminium, steel
  • Dry to touch in 15 minutes. 

Ambro-Sol High Temperature Paint is an aerosol spray that renews and protects all surfaces usually exposed to high temperatures.

It is a high quality enamel with a modified silicone resin base.

This High Temperature Spray Paint is ideal for the industrial sector - such as steel and forge industries and automotive sector. As well as for the home - for painting ovens, stoves, heaters, fire screens, chimney flues and more.

It is important that the paint is not exposed in direct contact with flames.

Important: to obtain an optimal and long lasting result it is necessary for the painted parts well dried in depth, to be exposed for a few minutes even if only once, to a temperature of at least 180°C.

Application areas for the Ambro-Sol High Temperature Spray Paint includes Steel Industry and Forge Industry, General Industrial, Marine, Automotive, Plumbing, Building, Agriculture, Decoration, Hardware and Home.

How to use:
Vigorously shake the can for at least 1 minute, until you hear the inner marbles move freely.
It is also suggested to occasionally shake the cylinder even during use.
Carefully clean the surface before application.
Test in a hidden area to verify compatibility of the surface with the paint.
Remove the secure seal on the cap, to open the spray.
Apply a first hand / coat light to improve coverage and adherence, to reduce the possibility of dropping.
Apply from a distance of 20 - 30 cm.
After a few moments apply a second horizontal hand/coat immediately followed by a third vertical hand/coat.
Let dry a few minutes.
After use, it’s advisable to spray for 2/3 seconds with the spray upside down, to avoid the block of the actuator.
After 24 hours, proceed with the normal use of painted piece.

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