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Dargan Multipurpose Aluminium Ladder

Dargan Multipurpose Aluminium Ladder

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Easily converts between telescopic ladder, A-frame extension ladder, trestle system and stairway ladder

• Lightweight anti-corrosive aluminium frame with strong double aluminium rivet construction

• Advanced auto-locking technology locks securely and safely into multiple positions

• Spring loaded J locks for quick and easy working height adjustment

• Easily converts between Telescopic Ladder, Extension Ladder and Stairway Ladder

• Anti-slip feet and rung threads

4x4 Small Ladder: 

Material: Aluminium (Thickness: 1.5mm)

Max Load: 150kg

Extended Open A Type Height: 194cm

Closed Height: 120cm

Fully Extended (Stairway) Height 398cm

Spacing between threads: 280mm

Certificate: EN131 (Non Professional)


4x5 Medium Ladder: 

Max Load: 150kg

Extended Open A Type Height: 247cm

4x6 Large Ladder
Closed Height: 148cm

Fully Extended (Stairway) Height 510cm

Spacing between threads: 280mm
Max Load: 150kg

Extended Open A Type Height: 300cm

Closed Height: 175cm

Fully Extended (Stairway) Height 615cm

Spacing between threads: 280mm
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