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Dargan 50.8cc 2-Stroke Professional Brush Cutter

Dargan 50.8cc 2-Stroke Professional Brush Cutter

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Our top of the range Professional Brush Cutter is designed to do intensive and continuous jobs like clearing rough grass, brushwood and shrubs.

Equipped with a powerful 50.8cc engine. Features Champion spark plug and specially designed starter pully for an effortless easy start every time.

DG20 Brush Cutter XT-BC508-2
Model no. DG20
Engine type TT-1E43F-B(air-cooled, 2-stroke)
Equipment mobility Hand-held
Engine displacement 50.8 m³
Maximum engine power 1.7 kw
Engine speed 7600 r/min
Engine idling speed 3000±300 r/min
Fuel Tank Capacity 850 ml
Spark plug Champion CJ6Y
Carburetor Diaphragm type
Petrol and oil mix ratio For the first 10 hours of machine use, please use a petrol/oil
mixture ratio of 25:1, and after 10 hours, please use a petrol/oil
mixture ratio of 40:1.
Oil feeding system Automatic pump with adjuster
Working Pole Diameter 28 mm
Brush cutter cutting capacity 255mm
Trimmer cutting capacity 420mm
Mass(with empty tank) 10 kg
Guaranteed sound power level, LWA (2000/14/EC) LwA: 111 dB(A)
Tested sound pressure level, LPA (2000/14/EC) LpA: 105.4 dB(A), k=3 dB(A)
Vibration at Front Handle A front_hv, eq: 5.259 m/s², k=1.5 m/s²
Vibration at Rear Handle A rear_hv, eq: 4.938 m/s² , k=1.5 m/s²
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